Leeteuk & Taeyeon, a couple?? How come Jessica was wearing the same necklace?

Leeteuk and Taeyeon rumors…

I think Teukie’s wearing that necklace because of the ‘gee’ performance.. I forgot what event that was.. but remember? Teuk was the one imitating Taengoo.. He even did that ‘heartbeat’ thing that Taeng did once in a performance of gee.. If you look closely at that performance, you could see Teuk wearing the necklace. Maybe they wanted to make it more realistic and they wanted to copy every single Taeyeon detail, so they duplicated Taengoo’s necklace..?

Anyway… I saw Jessica wearing the exact heart necklace once…

And here’s Teuk’s necklace..

It looks the same, right? or do my eyes deceive me?

I noticed it because I love Leeteuk and Jessica.. they’re my faves.. so I notice little things about them.. When I noticed Teuk wearing the same necklace as Taeyeon and Jessica, I thought, “ah… all of SNSD have their own necklace like that..”

That’s my main point..  all of SNSD might’ve had the same necklace.. they just don’t wear it often enough..

Anyway, originally, I was just going to post this poster.. but then I saw the rumor..

Hehe. It’s an experiment poster I did for the dare fanfic I’m doing.. It’s posted at Winglin.. and I’m glad it’s getting a good feedback.. I wasn’t expecting anything, really. It was a dare. I thought people wouldn’t read it since Teukie and Sica aren’t really a pairing that we’re used to.. so… are you bored? curious?

check it out:


or here


I’m out.. Peace.^^

    • Manwella love lee teuk
    • March 21st, 2012

    i love u oppa

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